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There are closets, and then there are Closets. What I will be discussing is very difficult to call a closet considering that it is the size high quality designer replica handbags of most middle class homes. That 3,000 square feet for those wondering. But after all, this is a life of extravagance, so feast your eyes. and begin to water.
From the entrance one can see large glass doors, and a beautiful staircase with many colors in the back. Those colors replica louis vuitton being handbags. Not even taking into account the beautiful tub in the center of the marble covered bathroom, all eyes are on that staircase, a fairytale behind panes of glass.
fake designer bags A heaven cheap replica handbags of sights, the first floor is filled with the owners jewellery and accessories, meaning handbags. Of course in a closet like this all the basics are there: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Goyard, and the like. But there is one dominating bag you will see throughout and that is the Birkin. Hermes pride and joy, a bag that is as much a statement as it is a handbag. Starting price: $10,000, and that is only for the bast basic of designs. Exotic skin versions such as Ostrich can command prices upwards of $20,000 but the grande dame of Birkins is the Crocodile skin which won even look at you for less than $40,000. Also, expect a 3 5 replica louis vuitton bags from china year wait list beforehand. This collection is composed of over 60 Birkin bags, of all leathers. The value of those bags alone is anywhere from a minimum of $600,000 $1,500,000. That quite a lot of Pellegrinos.
In addition to the handbags the owner keeps her jewellery, and other small accessories here, all impeccably organized. Too many to count: Rolex watches, Patek Phillipes, Hermes Jewellery,and Chanel Haute Joailerie, plus a healthy sprinkling of diamonds, rubies and emeralds are layered upon these shelves.
As one begins to ascend the magical staircase more magnificence feasts the fake designer bags eyes. Large panes aaa replica designer handbags of glass line the spiral, showing the beautiful bags below. A nook on the way up features small bags and accessories. Limited edition Logo box Chanel box bags retailing for $10,000 each,there are four, and numerous other baubles lining the Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags shelves.
When one reaches the second level they are immediately thrust into the realm of the cave a term used by the owner for this wardrobe. The second level contains a cheap louis vuitton bags from china champagne bar, becuase what woman wouldn want to drink champagne as she is getting ready for a fabulous night out? My thoughts exactly On the second level there are clothes, rows and rows of clothes. There are also more handbags, and then there are the shoes. Over 75 pairs of $800+ Christian Louboutin heels with a very healthy collection of other designers. This level is for entertaining. In fact the whole three story closet was built with a downward level of organization, and typical order for dressing up. The top most level contains outerwear and other basics, the second level is for clothing and shoes, and the first level is for the final touches: accessories and handbags. This closet was designed to be used, and without a doubt it looks like it has been.
An overall theme seen in this closet is organization. The owner likes things in a particular place, and the effect works. The closet is without a doubt, breathtaking. A personal makeup station, A collection of exotic skin Hermes Belt kits, and countless, countless racks of clothes lines the walls.
The best news? It available! Yes, this closet: 3,000sq ft and 3 levels of wonder, beauty, and space, a personal replica louis vuitton bags haven for any and every woman man. is for sale. Unfortunately it comes connected to a house, fortunately this house is incredible. Located in Woodlands, Texas, apparently the old saying is true: everything is bigger. The home is over 17,000 sq ft, with 9 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms with 25 ft floor to ceiling glass walls. Modern and minimal throughout, aside from the closet I would have to say my favorite part of this house is the incredible master bath shower below. Stone walls, enough space to fit a United Nations meeting and a sensual living tropical scene to enjoy while washing off the remnants of what was probably an incredible night before. This home, with all the amenities mentioned, and the closet is available for the small sum of $12,900,000 though I think almost any woman into fashion can justify the price just by the closet. And she has a great story too. Her name is Theresa Roemer, born poor she is in the true sense of the word: an entrepreneur. Working countless jobs she started a successful brand of luxury fitness centers, sold the company, made millions and now has ventured into chocolates, candles, fashion, and house flipping. She is a hard worker and very charitable. She states that one of the reasons the closet was built was to Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags hold charity functions which it does, and raises large sums of money doing so, though I think there were alternative reasons (such as having an amazing closet!)
What her goal moving forward? To find the next home and build a closet twice the size of the present one. Cant wait to see it!
Take note all ladies out there. The cave is no longer for the men.
An iconic work that is bound to become a conversational piece of art, the imagery therein shows in my opinion the fight for beauty.
Beauty is pain as some people say, and this punching bag tells no different. Beauty comes at a price, and sometimes it painful.

Whether for the Klitschko in us all, or for the love of eternal style and impeccable good taste and humor, this collection is one for the ages. Surely not one to leave the mind any time soon. Keep on fighting the good replica designer handbags fight.